Second WHY Open Day

This morning the WHY Second Open Day (EUSEW’22 Energy Day) took place in the framework of the EU European Sustainable Energy Days 2022.

I participated in this webinar with the 45-minute presentation entitled “How many types of energy consumers are in Europe?”, which also gave the name to the session itself. I also participated in the final panel, entitled “How these results could be reused in science and policy-making”, together with my colleagues from DeustoTech, Cruz Borges and Diego Casado.

The video of the session is embedded below. My presentation focused on the results we have obtained in the WHY project. In particular, I talked about the segmentation of households that we have carried out according to their energy consumption, which has resulted in forty well differentiated consumption patterns that we have familiary called “the top 40”. This presentation discussed the clustering methodology we have followed and the taxonomy we have developed to classify electricity consumers. In addition, I have described the analyses we have carried out at both regional and temporal levels.

This second WHY Open Day was held one year after the first one, which was part of the European Union Green Week 2021.